Memory lane : Reign of Fire (2002)

  • Posted on: Sun, 08/14/2016 - 08:56
  • By: ricky.setyawan

A few days ago, I came back to my hotel so tired after a long day at work.  Turned on the TV and as usual, looked for HBO and Fox movies.  HBO was showing Reign of Fire.  My mind turned back to when it first came out in cinema. It was 2002 long long time ago but I still remember the movie well.  It's a wacko super exciting movie at the time.  I always had a knack on dragon, castles, swords, and all especially after Lord of the Rings and this one really nails it to the ground.

The storyline is pretty fresh at the time.  The world was swarmed by dragons which obviously thinking humans & cattles are food and in order to survive, they will have to eat.  So it's a circle of death? Death to human that is.  

Here is the trailer :

And guess what?  There is the full movie version in Youtube :

I also believe this movie is one of the first pushing Christian Bale's career upwards.  He pulled it off here together with Matt Mcconaughey.  After that it's history leading roles in Prestige and three Batman movies.  If you don't become a big star after those movies, I don't know what can help you. :)